All age-related health problems are caused by the same thing

The story of discovering the cause of old age is centuries old. After thousands of years, cutting-edge electron microscopes gave scientists the closest look ever at damaged cells. Researchers were astounded to find that all old age health problems are caused by free radicals at the cellular level.

As you get older, your immune system gets weaker and vulnerable to attacks by free radicals. This leads to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, tumors, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, all the afflictions of old age. Even if you avoid serious illness, free radicals ruin your life by causing all kinds of problems:

  • Impaired brain cells, senility, sleep disorders and diminished memory.
  • Obesity, sagging skin, thinning hair and ugly cellulite.
  • Arthritis, inflammation, stiff joints and poor flexibility.
  • Weakened bones that make you vulnerable to falls and fractures.
  • Fatigue, depression and pain that makes life miserable.

Antioxidants to the rescue

You can resist free radicals by consuming foods high in antioxidants. They help a little, but don’t last long enough in your system. They’re too unstable to be very effective.

The ultimate solution was finding a powerful antioxidant small enough to neutralize free radicals at the minuscule cellular level BEFORE they cause serious illness.

The exciting new frontier of science: Nanotechnology

The invention of high-powered microscopes gave birth to Nanotechnology. Nano particles are EXTREMELY small - a fraction of the width of human hair. They’re small enough to penetrate your cells’ atoms to neutralize free radicals IF there’s an antioxidant tiny and strong enough to do the job.


The missing link was found!

Scientists searched globally for years to find it. They examined thousands of substances for years without success. Then one day a young researcher thought “outside the box”. She reasoned that since they were searching for substances that extend life, why not examine organisms on earth with the longest lifespan?

Trees are the oldest life form on the planet. Some live thousands of years. They are a potent source of cellulose, the woody material that enables them to stand. A refined form of cellulose is NCC, the active ingredient of Revetrin. It’s over 97% times more powerful than any other antioxidant!

NCC went through exhaustive lab, animal and human testing from the most respected independent research facilities worldwide(1). When test results revealed a huge anti-aging breakthrough, highly-respected medical and scientific journals raved. The sensational results were publicized in major media outlets in 16 languages and 34 countries worldwide.


The ONLY anti-aging formula with NCC

Revetrin has turned anti-aging Science on its head. It has replaced the idea of “life extension” with “health extension”. Instead of just keeping you alive, Revetrin improves your quality of life so you look, act and feel 10-20 years younger as well. It’s guaranteed to help make you physically stronger, mentally sharper, better looking, and much healthier than you are today.*


What you may notice with your first bottle of Revetrin:

Week 1. You’ll feel a refreshing burst of energy right away. You may get to sleep quickly and stay asleep. Aches and pains may subside, leading to improved mobility and balance.*

Week 2. Your skin may feel firmer, smoother and younger looking. Age spots begin to fade, memory improves, and wounds mend faster. Muscle tones improves, and you may have lost a few pounds too!*


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